Spring tease this weekend, then April Fool’s!

Finally, you can look forward to a three-day stretch of near-normal, early springtime temperatures coming up in the Berkshires for Easter weekend. But don’t be April-fooled — another shot of wintry-like chill is on the way for early next week, coinciding with the arrival of April.

The Friday-through-Sunday highs should reach into the low 50s, thanks to abundant sunshine, according to the National Weather Service in Albany, N.Y.  Normal highs for this time of year in Berkshire County are close to 50, while overnight lows average in the upper 20s, stated an on-line post by long-range forecaster Ingrid Amberger.

Taking an even longer view, Accuweather.com sees little hope for extended periods of mild weather until the second half of April, though the first two weeks of the month should see more sunny than cloudy days.

“However, the overall weather pattern into the first part of April will continue to run about a month or so behind schedule,” stated Alex Sosnowski, the Accuweather senior meteorologist. “March behaved a lot like a typical February, and it appears the first half of April will be what March should have been like.”

Or to put it another way,  April will be in like a lion — with strong winds fueling the cold blast early next week — and out like a lamb.

Disruptions in the jet stream are to blame for the delayed onset of spring, with stagnant low-pressure (bad weather) systems representing a “large puddle of cold air high in the atmosphere,” explained Accuweather’s Brett Anderson. “In short, spring will continue to evolve slowly. In some cases, it could be six to eight weeks behind what it was last year at this time.”

Patient Berkshirites longing for their first golf swings and looking for “ice out” on the county’s lakes and ponds will be rewarded by mid-April. That’s when the atmosphere will begin to behave more like the calendar, wrote Accuweather’s Paul Pastelok in a blog posting on Wednesday. “The number of episodes of cold air should gradually fade away during week three and four of April with temperatures and the weather pattern finally trending toward normal.”

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