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Berkshire Eagle Staff Blogs

Join Berkshire Eagle Online Jennifer Huberdeau as she visits burial grounds around the Berkshires.
Clarence Fanto has been associated with The Berkshire Eagle since 1987 as a writer, editor and columnist. Among his special areas of interest is weather, and he closely tracks local conditions and long-range outlooks day to day in the Berkshires.

Lifestyle and Arts blogs

Charles Bonenti’s art reviews
What’s happening in the Berkshires
and the Shires of Vermont.
Francesca Olsen blogs about food and more.
Kate Abbott, editor of Berkshires Week, explores the hills one farm, raku kiln, canoe, fiddle and flamenco at a time.
BerkshiresWeek and MulticulturalBridge bring together Berkshire voices from all cultures and backgrounds.
Eagle features editor Lindsey Hollenbaugh tackles everyday life in the Berkshires — from family-fun events, gallery openings, local theater, the hottest trends in the 413 and all the life that happens in between.

Community Blogs

Reader Susan Guerrero captures a slice of life in the Berkshires one photograph at a time on her charming blog about the beauty of everyday life.
Two foodies who love to cook, eat out and discover new foods share recipes, vintage cookbook finds and restaurant reviews in their adventures between Lenox and Springfield.
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